Review: Bridget Foy’s

For her birthday, my mom and I went to a restaurant that my cousin works at as a chef (does that make me biased?…)

It’s Bridget Foy’s, originally just called Foy’s before the owner had a daughter. The inside is lit with natural light from the many windows that make up the front wall of the restaurant, and paintings by the owner’s wife adorn the inside. And they’re really good. Two of them involve monkeys.

… Anyway, since it was my mom’s birthday and she had a gift certificate, we decided to get a whole bunch of different dishes and share them. I’m including my two favorites here:

Korean BBQ Duck Tacos.
spicy ginger bbq sauce . bean sprouts . pickled veggies

I like spicy things. I like duck. And I loooove tacos. So I loved these. My mom hates anything hot so she skipped out on this dish so I had them all to myself! They were really really messy, though..

Hand Cut Fries.
herb mayo . chipotle aioli . jalapeno ketchup . bourbon dijon . garlic cumin ranch

Oooohhhh my goddddd. These are probably my favorite fries ever. The herb mayo was my favorite dipping sauce, followed by the jalapeno ketchup. Absolutely wonderful for a snack!

Overall, I highly recommend Bridget Foy’s. The atmosphere is comfortable, the food is satisfying, and the service rocks. (Our waiter had a Salvador Dali mustache!)

Till next time, lovelies. ❤


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