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Grilled Cheese.. With Apples?

Yes. With Apples. Everybody knows cheese and fruit go together like pb & j.
Except it’s waaay classier and more grown-up than pb & j.

But you can’t use just ANY cheese with ANY apple. You gotta pair them correctly.
My suggestions:
1. Granny smiths with sharp cheddar.
2. Red delicious with brie.

You can also use other fruit besides apples!
For instance, one time I had peach & mozzarella quesadillas… I’m sure they would go great together in grilled cheese!

If anyone discovers any other delicious combos, let me knooowww.

This is all you need. And butter.
… Not that much cheese. I just buy in bulk.

Cook the toast in a pan on medium-low heat:

While that’s cooking, cut the apples:

Make sure you core the apples and and cut them into thin slices. If you’re using block cheese, cut it into the same thickness as the apple slices. Doesn’t have to be perfect.
Flip the bread, layer the cheese and apples, and cover the pan:

 … Cook until all the cheese is melted. Flip the cheese side over on top of the apples, press it down, and cook for a few more minutes.

Remove from the pan and revel in the delicious taste of sweet apples and tangy cheddar :]



My favorite food, ever,
Is tacos.

In my mind, tacos are the perfect food.
Think about it: they include something from each food group.
And they’re delicious.
And they’re so versatile. You want peppers? Throw some peppers on there.
You want cheese? Go right ahead, put on whatever cheese you want.
You want pickles?.. Fuck it. Pile ’em on.

This is what I used for tonight’s dinner: Flour tortillas, taco-blend cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, sour cream, mango-peach salsa, ground-beef-style tofu…


… And THIS:

Crystal brand hot sauce. My favorite.

I’m not going to put a recipe because if I did, it would look something like this:

1. Heat up ground beef on the stove until no pink shows.
2. Melt cheese on tortillas.
3. Layer ingredients. Enjoy.”

… Did I mention tacos are also easy?


Hiya! I’m Ariele. Nice to meet you!
I just started this blog because I like to bake.
Specifically, I like to bake pretty things. Like cupcakes and tarts and creme puffs and cookies.
I also like to take pictures, specifically of the pretty things I bake.
I also cook! I’m French & Italian so it’s in my DNA.

My goal is that I provide you, the reader, with detailed recipes and helpful advice.
Not to mention product reviews and lots and lots of pictures!

So read away (and hopefully I’ll make your bookmarks folder).
Happy baking, fellow pastry chefs!