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Nova Lox on a Bagel

Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite breakfasts, which is also one of the richest (alongside Eggs Benedict and oatmeal, which are two of my favorite breakfasts, also): Nova Lox on a Bagel!

For those of you who aren’t akin to eating raw fish, you need to try it already! 😉
Seriously. I’m going to break some rumors here. Raw fish is not:
a. Slimy
b. Chewy*
d. Jelly-like
*(Unless you eat octopus or squid. But that isn’t fish anyway; they’re cephalopods.)

I, for one, love eating raw fish. I crave sashimi almost every day. (It’s kind of killing my wallet, actually).
My favorite is the one featured in this recipe: salmon.
Salmon, when raw, has this smooth, buttery texture and flavor to it. It’s not dry or too oily, and it has the least amount of mercury compared to, say, tuna or yellowtail.

If you like sashimi, you’ll like Nova Lox.
If you don’t like sushi, you may like Nova Lox anyway.
I’d probably try eating something along the lines of a Philly roll at a sushi joint first. It’s very similar; both include raw salmon and cream cheese.

Nova Lox is sooo good.. And sooo expensive. :/

-Nova Lox flakes (I got mine at Wegman’s)
-Cream cheese
-One bagel
-A couple rings of raw onion (red onions are better but it really doesn’t matter)
-A couple slices of tomato

*Traditional Nova Lox usually has capers on top. Since I don’t really like capers, I didn’t use them.
If you like capers, you’re certainly allowed to include them. Just add a couple on top of the whole thing at the end.

First: Toast a bagel. I used whole wheat bagel thins.

While the bagel is toasting, cut up a few slices of onion and a few slices of tomato. Whatever amount you feel comfortable with.

When the bagel is finished, spread on however much cream cheese your little heart desires. I used Trader Joe’s light cream cheese.

Layer the Nova Lox.

Add the onion and tomato (and capers if you want).